A world born at VOLTA

During the first months of the year 2015, an exceptionally talented trio of artists from VOLTA, consisting of Rael Lyra, Luis Mela, and Faraz Shanyar, came together, combining their creative forces to embark on an ambitious new project. Their goal was to bring their vision to life by creating an extraordinary video game.

This collaboration gave birth to Sunday Gold, a fantastic and colorful universe that would become the stage for an epic adventure. It was an exciting beginning, brimming with potential.

During the initial phases of development, our artists worked closely together, sharing their ideas and crafting designs to meticulously define the game’s artistic style. They gave birth to character and creature concepts while weaving a captivating narrative to bring this extraordinary world to life. As the project took shape, the name ‘Sunday Gold’ brilliantly emerged to symbolize this game with radiance.

VOLTA Sunday Gold BKOM

Game Design Document

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After two years dedicated to artistic development and the creation of a rich universe, a game design document finally came to fruition. Public interest grew as people became excited about the innovative ideas behind ‘Sunday Gold,’ realizing its potential as a video game work.

The document was shared with several industry-related companies with whom VOLTA had connections, to form a co-development partnership and bring these ideas to life in the game, and eventually, in the lives of players. This is how VOLTA’s friends at BKOM studios became aware of the presentation document and decided to join in the development of the project.

From Pre-Production to Production

At this point the game officially entered the pre-production phase, where VOLTA’s original concepts were meticulously developed and documented in a comprehensive game design document. During this critical period, Studio 17 fully committed as the publisher of this exciting project, playing a decisive role in its development.

Throughout the project’s development, VOLTA maintained its central role in the artistic direction of the game. Dedicated efforts were made to select the artists working on the project, ensuring a consistent artistic style and unwavering commitment to high-quality standards throughout the production journey.


Finalizing art assets

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Our artistic commitment to the project remained steadfast until the end of 2021 when we entrusted BKOM to fine-tune the gameplay mechanics that you now have the pleasure of discovering.

Since its launch, ‘Sunday Gold’ has enjoyed tremendous success, particularly on the artistic front, where it stands out significantly. We are extremely proud of the realization of this project, rooted in VOLTA’s creative spirit. The triumphant reception of the game within its community is evidence of the dedication and vision of our artists and the entire team behind this remarkable endeavor.