A world born at VOLTA

In early 2015 VOLTA artists Rael Lyra, Luis Mela and Faraz Shanyar joined together with a common goal of bringing their ideas to life by forming a new project. It became known as Sunday Gold!

In the earliest phases ideas were bounced around, designs were shared and a pattern started to emerge for what the art style for this world was going to look like, who the people & creatures were going to be and what the backstory was going to be. As the story was imagined so did the name: Sunday Gold.

Game Design Document

Dolor sit amet


After two years of building up the art style, universe and story a rough GDD was formed and outside interest started to grow as people started to get on board with the idea’s behind Sunday Gold and how they could translate into an actual game.

The document was shared with number of companies who we are connected to in the industry who we could form a co-dev partnership with to bring these ideas into engine and eventually, into people lives. At this point our friends from another studio in Quebec, BKOM studios, picked up our pitch document and decided to move things forward into development.

From Pre-Production to Production

It was at this point the game moved into pre-prod where original concepts from VOLTA were refined into a full game design document which allowed us to find a publisher: Studio 17.

It was also agreed that VOLTA would continue to lead the game art direction and select the artists to work on the art tasks to ensure a consistent and successful art style was carried forward into production.


Finalizing art assets

Dolor sit amet


Our input into the art of the project continued up until the end of 2021 before we left BKOM to really polish the mechanics into the game that you now see.