ANTHEM Facebook Facebook Services A long-standing story between Bioware and VOLTA Having worked previously with BioWare on their Mass Effect projects we were really excited when the opportunity presented itself to assist them with the creation of their new IP, Anthem. With our studio being huge fans of BioWare previous work, a team was assembled […]


Outriders Facebook Facebook Services Leave Humanity Behind ! Experience the gritty and immersive world of Outriders through the lens of our talented concept artists.   Our team of skilled artists has created a series of designs that showcase the gritty, immersive world of the game. From the unique characters to the varied environments, each piece […]

Back 4 Blood

Back 4 blood Facebook Facebook Services A game with VOLTA’s signature all over In early 2020 Turtle Rock Studio reached out to us as they needed help on their new title, Back 4 Blood.With the benchmark for quality being as high as it gets and members of our two studios being friends for a long […]

Sunday Gold

SUNDAY GOLD Facebook Facebook Services A world born at VOLTA In early 2015 VOLTA artists Rael Lyra, Luis Mela and Faraz Shanyar joined together with a common goal of bringing their ideas to life by forming a new project. It became known as Sunday Gold! In the earliest phases ideas were bounced around, designs were […]