Grandblue Fantasy : Relink

Take a look at the stunning 3D models of the Ancient Dragon and the Wyvern we crafted for Cygames’ latest release of the Grandblue Fantasy franchise. Now, players can battle these magnificent creatures solo or team up with friends in the game!

A few years back, Cygames approached us to assist in bringing their beloved game into the 3D realm while staying true to the original 2D version. Our mission was to create the high poly version of their original model, ensuring they stayed true to the JRPG style while allowing players to enjoy them in the game’s model viewer.

With meticulous detailing and polypainting, our talented 3D team breathed new life into these creatures, bringing them to the next level and incorporating Cygames feedback every step of the way!


Thank you to our friends from Cygames for the opportunity to work on this amazing franchise. And a special shoutout to our exceptional 3D team for creating those amazing models.