Back 4 blood


A game with VOLTA's signature all over

In early 2020 Turtle Rock Studio reached out to us as they needed help on their new title, Back 4 Blood.

With the benchmark for quality being as high as it gets, and considering that members of our two studios had been friends for a long time previously, this project was the perfect opportunity for VOLTA to collaborate on. What began as a small test evolved into a multi-year relationship that spanned across multiple services we offer, adding yet another layer of success to our  list of accomplishments in the realm of first-person shooter titles.


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During the initial phases of our collaboration, we initially focused on delivering an abundance of prop work tailored for Turtle Rock’s custom engine. However, as the partnership evolved, this particular facet of our involvement soon blossomed into a significant hallmark of VOLTA’s contributions—namely, the creation of distinctive and memorable characters. Subsequently, our scope expanded even further, encompassing the meticulous design and development of vehicles and weaponry for the project.

Props design

The genesis of this collaborative effort was ignited by our initial work on props, which can be readily observed throughout the expansive Back 4 Blood universe. The utilization of Turtle Rock’s custom engine provided us with a unique opportunity to elevate the quality of our contributions to the highest attainable standard.

Character Concepts and Modeling

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As the project gained momentum, Turtle Rock quickly recognized that one of their primary requirements would involve the creation of skins for their post-launch DLCs, following the initial game release. VOLTA enthusiastically seized this opportunity and embarked on the task of crafting hundreds of unique skins for their main characters, spanning across multiple DLCs. This extensive endeavor included a diverse range of characters, from the rugged and tenacious Walker to the unwaveringly steadfast Holly.

Weapon concepts and Modeling

While the primary work streams progressed steadily, Turtle Rock began formulating their vision for the in-game weapon designs and the extensive array of unique concepts required. 

VOLTA played a pivotal role, offering support from the initial brainstorming sessions to shape the themes of these weapons, all the way through to the seamless integration of our designs into their in-game weaponry within the game engine.

Environment and Vehicle Modeling

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Given the established and proficient team already engaged in various tasks, it became a logical progression for us to augment our workforce. This expansion empowered us to embrace additional responsibilities, including an increased focus on environment-related assignments and the development of vehicle models that would seamlessly integrate into the expansive Back 4 Blood universe.