Back 4 blood


A game with VOLTA's signature all over

In early 2020 Turtle Rock Studio reached out to us as they needed help on their new title, Back 4 Blood.
With the benchmark for quality being as high as it gets and members of our two studios being friends for a long time previously, it was a perfect project for VOLTA to collaborate on, bringing continued success to their list of successful First-person shooter titles.


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In the early stages of the collaboration we provided Turtle Rock with lots of prop work in their custom engine but this quickly grew into one of the things that VOLTA is most known for, characters! Things then expanded into work on their vehicles and weapons.

Props design

Lighting the initial fire under this collaboration was work on their props which you see populated throughout the Back 4 Blood world. Working in Turtle Rocks custom engine allowed us to push the quality to the highest level possible.

Character Concepts and Modeling

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Once the ball got rolling one of the main things that Turtle Rock realized that they would need help with would be skins for their DLCs once the main game had launched. VOLTA jumped at the chance and created 100s of skins for all of thier main characters, across multiple DLCs from the rough-and-tumble Walker to the stoic and dependable Holly.

Weapon concepts and Modeling

As the main work streams continued Turtle Rock started to lay plans for what their in-game weapons would look like and the vast quantity of unique designs that would be needed. VOLTA was able to help them from the very early ideas for what seasoned themes would look like right through to getting our designs integrated onto their weapons in engine.

Environment and Vehicle Modeling

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With a solid team already in place working on multiple types of tasks, it made sense for us to expand the team, allowing us to take on more environment work and providing vehicle models that would feature throughout the Back 4 Blood world.