A long-standing story between Bioware and VOLTA

Having previously collaborated with BioWare on their Mass Effect projects, we were truly excited when the opportunity arose to assist them in creating their new intellectual property, Anthem. Our involvement with Anthem spanned several years, showcasing the extent of our resources and our continuous commitment to this ambitious project.

With our studio being huge fans of BioWare’s previous work, a passionate and dedicated team was quickly assembled, and we eagerly plunged headfirst into every aspect of the project, from meticulously crafting characters, environments, and weapons to designing imaginative creatures that would inhabit the world of Anthem.

VOLTA Bioware Anthem


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While a decent amount of work had already been done by BioWare’s internal concept art team, we helped them define further the look for the game, using their established visual pillars to explore the look of different areas of the world and how the different factions would be represented.


Bioware always treated us as an extension of their own team with the VOLTA team being heavily involved in the design process of their new world, supporting their asset creation throughout multiple years of pre-production, production and post-production phases.

TO be continued...

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We hope you enjoy just a small sample of the work that we created for this IP and hopefully at some point in the future we’ll be able to dive back into the vault and pull out some previously unseen material. Keep you eyes peeled!