Last Epoch

Last Epoch is out! Embark on a journey through the perilous world of Eterra across multiple timelines!

Our involvement in this epic journey began in late 2022 when Eleventh Hour approached us, along with our friends at KWM, for two concurrent projects.

We collaborate with KWM on he first one to create illustrations for the game’s various 2.5D cinematics. We handled the illustrations while our sister studio took charge of storyboarding and animations. In total, we produced 36 illustrations featured throughout the game’s cinematics.

The second project, exclusively managed by VOLTA, focused on creating splash art to be shown in loading screens. Because Eleventh Hours wanted us to explore things more there, we provided them with up to 6 sketch options for each of the 13 illustrations requested. In the end, their final quality was so outstanding that it became the new benchmark for the cinematic project.

Please enjoy this sample of our team’s favorite illustrations! A huge thanks to Eleventh Hour for this enjoyable collaboration, we’re thrilled to see our work featured in the game. And a special shout-out to our talented team as well for their exceptional contributions to this project!