For Honor


TeamWork make the dream works

Prior to this opportunity, VOLTA had previously collaborated directly with Ubisoft to create concept art for “For Honor”. Therefore, we were thrilled to join forces with our sister studio, Sunny Side Up, when the chance arose to collaborate on multiple marketing campaigns for the game’s ongoing seasons.

Our talented teams elevated every aspect of the game’s visuals, from the epic and dynamic characters to the immersive and meticulously detailed environments, bringing them to a whole new level.


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Our two studios collaborated closely to ensure that the key art for “For Honor” various expansions and seasons achieved the highest levels of quality.

Simultaneously, we also extended our support to Sunny Side Up (SSU) by contributing to their 2.5D animation efforts.

Warmonger Hero | reveal Trailer

Gryphon | Reveal trailer

Kyoshin Hero | Reveal Trailer

Pirate Hero | Reveal Trailer

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