Diablo IV

Time to gear up and prepare for battle! Feast your eyes on these armor set and weapon concepts crafted for the first season of Diablo IV.

Our journey kicked off back in early 2021 when our friends at Blizzard reached out to us asking for 8 armor set concepts that would seamlessly blend into the Diablo Universe. After receiving some basic character costume templates and super detailed briefs to get us started (which was great!), we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

During the journey, a few twists and turns in the art direction prompted us to return to the drawing board, ensuring our creations perfectly aligned with Blizzard’s evolving vision. We crafted 6 different sketches for each set, offering Blizzard a wide range of options to choose from. Once they picked their favorites, we worked our magic to bring them to life in the final designs you see here.
In the end, 5 of these epic concepts made the cut and are now ready to gear you up for epic battles in Sanctuary.

Big shoutout to Blizzard for giving us the chance to showcase our skills, and kudos to our amazing team for bringing these concepts to life!